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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sunset, Santa Barbara. July 3, 2010

Every now and then, there's a good one. (A Sunset that is...)

Every now and then I find myself in the right place at the right time, with the time to paint. I have all my gear and most of my faculties,

It is incredibly enjoyable for me; to quickly set up my easel and palette, and paint the sun as it is setting. It is even more enjoyable if the painting process is effortless, and I can pull off a half decent work of art with minimal effort alla prima (painted in one sitting). Hopefully it is acceptable enough for my gallery: (the Bottoms Art Gallery), to exhibit, and sell.

Yes, it is a, "Pretty Picture", but it's exciting and challenging for me to paint something I've never witnessed, and created it in a way I've never painted before.

Some Artists, (Landscape Painters) frown, and look down their noses at paintings of sunsets-- considering them, "Low Art". I, however paint them out of love and appreciation for the day; daylight, the patient sun.

Knowing that no two Sunsets are alike, EVER! I strive to capture the uniqueness. I have immortalized this sunset in paint, yet I am clear that is some ways, it is a vain attempt on my part, to halt the passage of time.

Santa Barbara Sunset
10x20 oil/linen 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dearly Depleted!

It's tough getting use to living in the darkness. On second thought, its tough getting sleep when it's nighttime all the time.

This trip to Iceland in the middle of Winter was not only enlightening, but after four solid days of the Viking Life, I'd overdrawn my sleep account. We runthurs had run out of steam.

Never before had I worked so hard to capture the flavor of a culture, and/or purity of a night sky, in paint. In the end, I came away with nine or so paintings; (many are now in the collection of Robert Eringer). I also came away with an insight as to what thesis I could pursue in my future art career; the pursuit of "creativity and madness".

Soon after this picture was taken, my world class snoring left plenty of sawdust on the floor of the airplane, (and plenty of passengers scrambling for their ear plugs).

I wasn't intending to be rude, I was merely being expressive!

Thomas Van Stein, Robert Eringer, Floater, Headin' Home from Going Berserk.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Giggle Stick Gallery Rekyavick, Iceland

I've always appreciated this candid photo of Floater; captured expressing both astonishment and disbelief. Here we were, Robert Eringer, Floater, Eric the Red, and I, in the midst of the world's only Phallic Museum, in Wreck-it-up, Iceland.

We meandered through the penile presentations, (all Bobbited from various mammals); From Penguins to Porpoises, Elephants to Blue Whales. Some schvantzes extended so far out from the wall you had to mind your own head, so to speak, or else you could put 'your eye out, or maybe kick the stick and stumble!

If you were naturally short in stature, you could succeed in circumnavigating the throngs of prongs by either high-stepping, or dancing the limbo throughout the museum's dozens of dildo displays.

It was Ironically hilarious for us [macho men], to see such a display. It made us a bit uneasy; especially when the Owner/operator of the Museum scanned us with a disdainful eye. (He'd overheard our chuckles).

With one eye open, he was watching out for yank pranks!

To him, this museum was no fallacy. This was his serious' collection of cocks, and he was proud of his pricks! Glaring at us between our murmurs, and mumbles. He horned in on Eringer; sizing him up as though he was looking to complete his collection!!

I could see we were making this Viking Thor. So, imagining the chop from a bronze battle ax, I decided I'd seen enough of this homage to homer, and slipped out the back.

I had to wonder how someone like this curator would explain what he does for a living? Would Freud consider this a form of penis envy? Could one wager a bet on what the curator is thinking about a good part of his day? Wouldn't it be funny if he were on the Television show, "What's my Line?" That episode would be a hit!

Granted, there is an art to the procurement, taxidermy, and installment of the sculptus erectus, but I can't help but think that some Vikings have way too much time on their hands.

If one is undecided where they stand on the issue of whether or not size matters, they could find plenty of resources to help them reach a conclusion; there at this museum to the phallus.

My conclusion; It's not the size that matters, it's how you use what ya got in order to get the job done!