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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trestle in Fog, Holister Ranch. Jan. 14, 2010

Guess I'm a moody guy...
A couple of years ago I traveled up to Holister Ranch with a fellow artist friend of mine, Benjamin Brode. We went up so I could paint some images for an OAK Group art exhibition to benefit the Holister Ranch Conservancy.

By the end of the day the Fog came in just a little, and the moon rose high above. We situated ourselves on a bluff next to one of the train trestles and in the dampness and moonlit fog proceeded to paint. I added the figure for depth. It's metaphoric for my current Psyche; I'm willing, but not always able to grab my knapsack, bedroll, and ride off into the darkness, in search of the light; never knowing what just lies ahead.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Moon, Bird Refuge. Jan. 15, 2010

Last month's journey to the Bird refuge yielded a balmy night with a setting crescent moon. Since today is the new moon, dark night,

The Chumash Indians use to believe the sight of the New Moon was a very powerful thing to behold. Its' only visible for a short period after sunset before it sinks below the western horizon.

New Moon, Bird Refuge, 9x6, oil/canvas
Painting Subject to Prior Sale

Bird Refuge, Low Light Jan. 13, 2010

This was warm up painting for the new moon sketch from December. I met with fellow Night Painters; Doreen White, Phil Lomeli, Paul Cumes, and Tom Keenan, to catch the New Moon before it set. Right about this time of day is when the Headlamp and Book lights are turned on so as to help the eyes adjust to the darkness without, straining them. See

Bird Refuge, Low Light
10x14 oil/panel, 2009
Painting subject to prior sale

Rainbow Catcher Jan16, 2010

Nothing wrong with being redundantly lucky. I get to teach outdoor (plein-air) painting, (to a great group of students), and create magical moments every step of the way.

This rainbow appeared off of East Beach one afternoon during my class, "Painting Light and Shadow in Art" during my 17th year of teaching through Santa Barbara City College Continuing Education.

It's all good:)

Parade of Lights, Santa Barbara Jan. 14, 2010

Before the Christmas lights are all completely gone from our lives, (although some stay up year round) I thought I'd put up an image I painted of the Parade of Lights in Santa Barbara.

It's not easy painting moving objects. The only static object was the Navy Ship Moored off shore; (with lights strung stem to stern), but also Stearns Wharf. That year was a magical Christmas.

Parade of Lights, 12x16, oil
Painting subject to prior sale.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Santa Barbara Sunset Sketch Jan 11, 2010

Quick sketch time. Light changes in 20 minutes, so one has to work briskly, and making quick decisions. To quote Dan McCaw, you must paint, "like your house is burning down!" It's considered 'alla prima', until it's 'touched' or 'glazed', in the studio. One hopes it will be 'alive' and not need to be, 'revived'. Alas, art itself can be a strange, unpredictable thing.

Santa Barbara Sunset sketch in progress. 7x9 oil, 2010

Santa Barbara Sunset Jan 10, 2010

An absolutely incredible sunset Sunday evening!

A passerby showed me a picture she'd just taken with her digital camera; of a fiery rainbow up near the foothills behind Montecito. The rainbow; created by this sunset, lit up the sky. Seems I'd missed it, because I was too focused on my production, and facing the sunset...looking west. O'well.

I guess that no matter how hard we try, we just can't take it all in! So, realizing this, I'll do my best to absorb and record each magical moment before me and be mindful about observing the oneness of life.