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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Pilgram Departs April 8, 2010

Another teaching day, six months later, same location. I was teaching my class (again) at the Montecito Country Club. I decided to do a similar painting compositionally as the one seen in yesterday's post. This time the light was brighter and cooler. I used a bluish purple underpainting and worked from there striving for the same affects. However, this time the colors were much cooler, and expressed impressionistically. the vibration came from complimentary hues of purple and yellow, not so much as warm and cool.

In the middle of the painting process we witnessed a tall ship leaving port. I snapped this photo to capture the immediacy of the moment.

I feel enchantment whenever I see a tall ship. When it sets sail, so doth my imagination!

The Pilgram Departs
12"x12" oil/canvas

Collection of the Artist

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Teaching Day. April 7, 2011

A couple of years ago, Spring, I taught my painting class at the Montecito Country Club. The Sun Glistened on the water over the Santa Barbara Channel.

Using Naples Yellow for my highlights, and a light violet for an under painting tone I developed the painting, where the vibration of complements (Lavender/amber) created a vibration. My goal was to keep the painting harmonized in the amber range, so it holds together; the overall painting was warm with an amber tone.

The cooler highlights have contrast, or, "Pop", because of what is next to them: Gray warmer tones, next to cooler, more intense notes of color, and also the subtle contrast of juxtaposed complimentary colors.

One of my students took this picture of me after holding the painting after removing it from my easel.

It's best to get the new creation to a safe environment immediately after completion. In other words, "Gotta protect the goods!!

Summer Light
12"x12" oil/board 2009
Private Collection

Monday, April 4, 2011

Einstein on the Beach Santa Barbara April 4, 2011

Even the brilliant in mind realize the miracles and restorative nature of the Ocean. The Pacific Ocean has no memory.

I saw this photograph of Albert Einstein on the somewhere near Santa Barbara. Being a landscape painter I saw the landscape behind him in the picture and knew instantly where it was. I printed out the photo, and one Saturday morning I took my two boys to that spot where Einstein once stood, probably in the 1950's.

Remarkably the beach has still the same type of sand. There are houses now, out of the picture on the right.Padero lane runs to that first Promentory known as Loon Point. (Kevin Costner lives just around the bend). Santa Barbara is the furthest land mass in the picture.

Even though Einstein wasn't a painter, his mind was Masterful. My job as a Dad was to try to integrate the importance of history to my kids; to try to get a feeling of what Past Masters may have experienced, as if they could follow in their foot steps.

That is not a requirement, but it would be a comfort it they strived hard.

Einstein: "Genius= 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration"