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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Low Sunlight, Santa Barbara. May 15, 2011

Only a small window of time to sketch the Sunset on Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara.

I try to not spend more than 20 minutes per sketch in order to stay true to the light; to indicate, rather than explainate.

Spring sunset, Butterfly Beach
5x7, oil/board, 2011

Artist's collection

Friday, May 13, 2011

Back Alley, Study of the Night May 13, 2011

Plein Air Painting isn't always about seeking the most pristine locations or subject matter.

This painting was the first painting created toward my Master's thesis, painted back in 1997. I was just beginning to search for the variations and subtlety's of the nocturnal world, seeking out the strange and unexplored locations near my home. I would spend two years seeking out similar, and sometimes more dramatic motifs. I learned to refine my ideas, and become more economical in my paint applications; and for two years, have the goal of producing unsellable artwork.

I eventually became overdrawn in my sleep bank account.

Back Alley
12x16 Oil/canvas 1997
Private collection

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home May 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Mi Casa
18x14 Oil/board 2007
Artist's Collection

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coit Tower: May 11, 2011

Camille Pissaro use to say, "Only when you paint a place do you actually own it".

When traveling with Robert Eringer up to San Francisco in Early April, investigating Jack Kerouac for our Surreal Bounce T.V. Show, we stayed at the Hyatt near Union Square.

They have an incredible view from the 82nd floor with commanding views of the city and bay.

This is just a small sketch, but I had fun capturing the light, and feeling for the place.

Coit Tower, at Sunrise
6x8 oil/board 2011
Collection of the Artist