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Sunday, April 1, 2012

In the Spirit of Steve McQueen, On a Metisse April 1, 2012

 Steve McQueen;  a, "Man's Man," riding a Husqvarna
Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated with the concept of dirt bike riding. One of my heroes was Steve McQueen who raced through the streets of San Francisco in, "Bullet",  around the track in, "Le Mans", or jumping his motorcycle over barbed wire fences in, "The Great Escape".  I am ecstatic to share I've been commissioned to paint a number of paintings inside the Metisse Motorcycle FactoryOxford, England. Years ago, Metisse made a desert racing motorcycle especially designed for and named after McQueen. Today, they are in process of completing the prototype of a racing bike named after his son, "Chase".

Well, what's in a name? In this case, the legacy and quality behind the products produced by Metisse, speaks for itself, and the legacy of the legend of Steve McQueen continues into the 21st Century. 

I never thought my art career would move in this direction, but as a result of staying "open",  this opportunity has landed in my lap. I leave tomorrow for what will be my twelfth journey to Europe.

My technical approach will be to try to steer clear of photo realism;  handle the subject matter in a more painterly, and expressive way, and have fun while doing it.  I am looking forward to staying out in the Cotswolds, where when I am not painting in the factory,  I will get to experience and paint the quintessential English landscape, it's timeless rolling hills, hedgerows, and cottages with thatched roofs, seen in the 17th Century Landscape paintings by John Constable.

Once again, my child within is being paid to play.
Steve McQueen riding on his Metisse Desert Racer

Derek and Don Rickman creators of the Legendary Metisse Brand

Welding room at the Metisse Factory

The "Chase" Metisse under construction

Harry Erskine welding at Metisse

The "Chase" Metisse nearly completed.