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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Frozen Falls, Godfoss Iceland. June 11, 2010

While my traveling companions, Robert Eringer and Frank Martin caroused Rekyivik, Eric the Red and I traveled into the frozen moonscape of Iceland to catch a glympse of the geyser, the all thing, and the drowning pool. On the way we stopped by the frozen falls called Godfoss.

It was too bloody cold outside that I chose to sketch this painting of the falls from within the warmth of our van.

Believe me, after getting kissed by the devil at geyser I was done being frozen to my palette.

I needed a break; warm food, and good wine awaited me before my journey out into the frigid air to paint the Northern Lights.

Frozen Falls, Godfoss, Iceland
5x7, oil,
Collection of Robert Eringer

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