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Thursday, August 4, 2011

La Conchita Nocturne August 5, 2011

Another lonely night out on the range....

All I could think of is, "What would Edward Hopper think?" Nobody was around, it was DESOLATE! Perfect for my thesis of "unsellable" plein air nocturnes.

A year or so after this painting was created, a Tanker truck exploded on this freeway overpass; blocking the 101 northbound freeway for  a few days.  Where I live (Carpinteria) was isolated, once again.

La Conchita Nocturne
18x24 oil/canvas 1998
Private Collection

1 comment:

  1. Ten lamps looking at time tracks
    iron rhythm, radio pulse
    am, pm, fm
    cross over
    past - present
    she is the dawn's
    ten taps