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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Painting L.A.: Collage Art July 14, 2011

L.A. ts a melting pot of art forms.

Here, we see a fine example of Graffiti Writers/Collage artists decorating the American Hotel, expressing various sentiments from political ideology, to "rage against the machine".  And juxtaposed, is an example of,  "the Machine". which looks soo sleek and special, against that backdrop.

It was one cluttered, static two-dimensional canvas verses one, "refined" three-dimensional Kinetic sculpture.

They are sharing the same street, but a world apart.  Question is, is this world big enough for both of them?


  1. She, up town glamour duchess comes from Rodeo riches, climbs the stairs in her Prada Pumps to her habit-high, dot-to-dot, ink man, smack man, the bad boy in the brick house.
    He is a modern Billy the Kid who robs souls with his two fisted color shot, with his left hand tattin' dat, his right tappin' the jojee junk.
    They meet curbside where the marks-a-lot crowd sketch contour curves and overlay lines, tattin' walls that chit-chat, slangin' I want that, and dis and dat.
    Here she parks, curbside-eastside, along side, street pride, pretending, poising, pleasure is pure, perfection is a black hole, lost in the soul behind the lines, invisibly blurred with his crazy needle crayons that color her blood, outside the barrier, where she lets it draw outside the form of line,
    there's the sweet spot.